ID: RS0005

Recover from the incident and return all the assets back to normal operation.

Response Actions

ID Name Description
RA5001 Reinstall host from golden image Reinstall host OS from a golden image
RA5002 Restore data from backup Restore data from a backup
RA5101 Unblock blocked IP Unblock a blocked IP address
RA5102 Unblock blocked domain Unblock a blocked domain name
RA5103 Unblock blocked URL Unblock a blocked URL
RA5104 Unblock blocked port Unblock a blocked port
RA5105 Unblock blocked user Unblock a blocked user
RA5201 Unblock domain on email Unblock a domain on email
RA5202 Unblock sender on email Unblock a sender on email
RA5203 Restore quarantined email message Restore a quarantined email message
RA5301 Restore quarantined file Restore a quarantined file
RA5401 Unblock blocked process Unblock a blocked process
RA5501 Enable disabled service Enable a disabled service
RA5601 Unlock locked user account Unlock a locked user account