Title Take trainings
ID RA1002
Description Take training courses to gain relevant knowledge
Author @atc_project
Creation Date 2020/04/08
Category General
Stage RS0001: Preparation


We do not rise to the level of our expectations. We fall to the level of our training.

Here are some relevant training courses that will help you in the Incident Response activities:

  1. Investigation Theory by Chris Sanders. We recommend you to have it as a mandatory training for every member of your Incident Response team
  2. Offensive Security trainings. We recommend PWK to begin with
  3. SANS Digital Forensics & Incident Response trainings

Offensive Security trainings are in the list because to fight a threat, you need to understand their motivation, tactics, and techniques.

At the same time, we assume that you already have a strong technical background in fundamental disciplines — Networking, Operating Systems, and Programming.